JargonWatch: The Intractables and the Urban Playboys

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Two similar but divergent parts of UK society were defined in the media:

The FT wrote about how 500,000 young people in the UK are unable to work since they are signed off as long-term sick. These young people are described as The Intractables; a combination of generational unemployment, poor health and substance abuse means that these young people and their offspring may never work a day in their lives (The intractables: ill, jobless and young January 3, 2007 by David Turner)

Meanwhile, Arena was reinventing their well-heeled brethren from being Lads to Urban Playboys. Apparently they are gadget-obsessed, entrepreneurial and like sharp tailoring which I guess means they have an iPod and a reasonably up to date mobile phone, an eBay account and have moved on from wearing Kickers, Nickelson and Fred Perry branded clothing to have at least one Ted Baker item in their wardrobe. Arena would have us believe that they have become Yuppie Mk II.

I personally think that its a cynical way to replace volume sales (of magazines and advertising) with a higher page price as circulation figures have been in decline.

Editors at Arena’s peers GQ and Esquire magazine poured scorn on the concept. (The lad vanishes as urban playboy rides into town January 2, 2008 by Vincent Graff, Daily Telegraph)