Oprah Time: The Tin Roof Blowdown – A Dave Robicheaux novel by James Lee Burke

I needed a bit of light reading for some travel before and during Christmas so I availed of Amazon’s Vine project to get some light reading. The Tin Roof Blowdown is your classic tangled detective story.

What made this book stand out was the obvious love the author had for New Orleans. He loved the city, the way James Ellroy’s love of Los Angeles comes through in his writing.

The story revolves around hurricane Katrina and the deeds misdeeds done by the city inhabitants during and after the event. Ineptitude, bureaucracy and rampant corruption provide a backdrop for the personal heroism and rampant criminality of the story. Throw in vivid descriptions of hurricane damage and Vietnam veteran flashbacks to paint a vivid picture.

In common with this genre, the book is written in an easy way and the story zips along at a decent speed.