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Keeping it gangster with Jingjing

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Hong Kong is familiar to many westerners as a backdrop for gangster films from Enter the Dragon to Jackie Chan’s Police Story, PTU and the Infernal Affairs trilogy.

In fact, the society is much more organised and less violent than the likes of the UK, even the housing projects in Aberdeen don’t really compare to south London. However, why let the truth get in the way of a good story which is why the Beijing Olympics mascot Jingjing made me laugh.


Olympic mascots - check out the gangster panda with the hand-gun

You can see Jingjing giving it the full gangster style in shooting. And he is also an accomplished fighter and tasty with a baseball bat.


On a more serious note the games event pictograms are an interesting organic interpretation of what Otl Aicher did for the 1972 Munich Olympics. You can see them in this surround at the Bank of China building (click on the picture if you want to see in more detail.)


Bank of China