Magazine Rack

Reading Time: < 1 minute

On the way back from Hong Kong I wanted to have some magazines to read. So I went along to Great Food Hall in Pacific Place. I picked up three magazines:

  • Wired – I already have a print subscription for Wired, but my copy seems to take the scenic route to get to me at home. Even though all the content in the magazine is online, the graphic design means that the print edition is always a pleasure to read
  • Portfolio – is a Conde Naste magazine that sits somewhere between Monocle and the Economist with articles on why the price of oil will drop and a report from inside Zimbabwe
  • Geek Monthly – is published by a small US publishing house that has all aspects of geek culture including streetwear, gadgets, anime, science fiction films and DVDs with some cool feature articles

I love the web, but there is still something about print publications – at least the better print publications.