Hello world!

James Brown tribute t-shirt.jpg

In the words of Mr James Brown ‘O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O Ow, can I get a witness, good gosh; I’m back’.

Expect a regular service here soon, in the meantime I will be posting new posts and rescued posts from previous incarnations of this blog.

The theme is going to change, just as soon as I can upload the new one that I’ve hunted down during my hours of research on the new incarnation of this blog.

Why the new domain?

A combination of being able to realise an long-held aspiration and my stupidity:

  • Japanese domains have come down in cost over the past few years, Japanese culture inspired part of the blog’s name and has provided me with regular fodder over the years as a blogger. So dot jp is homage to my love of the country, the culture, the food and its people
  • The act of stupidity was having my dot com domain as part of my package with Yahoo!’s Hosting for the previous iteration of the blog. If a couple of people learn from my mistake, its worth the 30 seconds writing this and me being publicly outed as a bit of a doofus

The image on this post comes thanks to the folks at DMC World you too can celebrate the talent of Mr James Brown with this funky t-shirt that reminds me of his Peoples compilation and JBs album artwork. Get yours here.