The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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Unashamedly inspired by Wired magazine’s ‘Wired, Tired, Expired’ section, I thought that I would do my own every so often. I’ve kicked this off looking at gangster films wireless internet devices and brand behaviour:




Cocaine Cowboys – a documentary on how the US became awash in cocaine told by
the people who did it.

American Gangster – Washington gives one of this best performances as the Harlem hoodlum Frank Lucas who influenced New York gangster portrayals like Snipes
in New Jack City and Christopher Walken in the King of New York.

However the film has been marred by allegations against it by drug enforcement officials

Scarface – Tony Montana a political refugee from Cuba, Pacino’s lifetime performance yada yada.

Ok, it’s a great film, but it has been devalued by having every chav and petty criminal watching the film repeatedly and having a copy of the poster stuckto the wall of their hostel/squat/crack den

Nokia N810 – unlike the MacBook Air, this has made compromises in all the right areas, has a nice screen and is ideal to take on the road. Nokia’s product design narrowly wins out over Asus

Asus eeePC – kawaii computer styling and a really nice software package that turns it into the ideal internet terminal for travellers

OQO – nice product design touches and several times the price of the Asus or Nokia device.

Being good – a lot of the time being green isn’t enough to make you feel good about yourself. Some of the most environmentally-friendly people I knew were the biggest most self-righteous insufferable people that I ever had he displeasure to deal with. Your iPod may be biodegradable but are the workers allowed to participate in collective bargaining and do they work such long hours that industrial accidents are the norm?

That’s why I like buying American Apparel t-shirts alongside my Stussy, New Balance trainers to supplement my adidas ZX8000 fetish and US Carhartt jeans

Being green – the whales are dying, carbon trading is a great opportunity and biodegradable means that I can sell you things again and again. Or maybe I am
just thinking different because oil prices are so ridiculously high

Being very, very naughty – like Unilever not living up to its Dove values through the way it promotes Lynx/Ax, Toyota with its gas-guzzling pick-ups after showing us the way with the Prius no one likes a cheat, a bully or a hypocrite.