Links of the day

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How to Succeed in an Ever-Changing World – O’Reilly FYI – one for the Amazon wishlist

Friendster – Rexteen Rexy – Unilever social media work on friendster aimed at Malaysian teens. It has a widget that allows you to furnish a virtual room. The more deodorant you buy, the more stuff you can have in your room. I really like the real-world / online integration of this campaign. Its a great idea that drives forward on marketing  the brand and fuelling demand and goes to show the best social networks never die, they just find a niche like Friendster has done in Southeast Asia

Shopnik – experiment in data organisation (thanks to my colleague Nathan for flagging this one)

I, Cringely . The Pulpit . Leadfoot | PBS – interesting post on the false green measure of lead-free solder

BBC NEWS | UK | Tate & Lyle sugar to be Fairtrade – In terms of size and scale, this is the biggest ever Fairtrade switch by a UK company, will the company get held to a holier than thou status and get beaten up on big food issues the way the post-Prius Toyota got beaten up by environmentalists about the conventionally powered cars that it still sells?

Small Dog Electronics Burlington Retail Store – a photoset on Flickr – I love the touches that Small Dog, an independent Apple reseller have in their store at Burlington Vermont. If you are a Mac user they also do really handy weekly newsletters and a relatively new blog with with tips on troubleshooting and getting the most out of your computer.

Akinaiblog Japan Shop – Buy or request Japanese products online – more online fuel for my obsession with all things Japanese

Translation Browser Buttons – from Google, click to get translation of the site that you are on. I can’t believe that people don’t know about these, they are so handy and kick the crap out of Yahoo! Babelfish (sorry Gina and Salim) in terms of ease-of-use

Japan to Door – Personal Shopper, Auction Agent and Personal Forwarder in Japan. – DANG! as our Rachel would say, this service is both awesome and scary at the same time I could see me blowing all my cash and then some. Home – Ireland’s equivalent of NME, with the occasional investigative article that’s worth reading, however all the good content is behind a paywall.