DAB – its demise has been exaggerated

Fellow ex-Yahoo Fru Hazlett started it off when she re-focused GCap and reduced the amount of programming away from digital radio (this is is known in the UK as DAB after the acronym for the European digital radio standard ‘Digital Audio Broadcasting’), soon even that bastion of reliable commentary on media industry affairs The GQ […]


I just love the craziness of Uniqlo’s campaign to bring back plus fours and cashmire. This is an idea that like a fine piece of Japanese engineering looks ridiculously simple but is in fact fiendishly complex.  

Links of the day

Piper Jaffray Article Archive – probably some of the most useful and insightful research by an investment bank Normal Room – home for global homes, wonderful lifestyles and fabulous interior design – Home – for interior design junkies FFFFOUND! – community for inspiration 7 Food Hacks to Stay Alert Without Caffeine | Zen Habits Spinning […]

Facebook Fatigue

In early January I talked about the future decline of Facebook. Since that posting about a month and a half ago I am already seeing signs of Facebook fatigue amongst my friends. Ok, this isn’t a quantitate evidence, but I think that its the first brushstrokes in painting a larger picture of Facebook’s decline. From […]

Links of the day

British ISPs to Delve into Behavioral Ads, Too – deal by Phorm, these guys seem to have stepped up a gear. Prospective acquisition material by AOLGoogleIACMicrosoftNewsCorpYahoo? middledigit.net | jonathan hopkins » Missed opportunity for Marmite campaign? – Interesting analysis of Marmite Real-time Twitter Search – Tweet Scan – Real-time search on twitter delicious Blocks Search […]