Oprah Time: The Future of Ideas by Lawrence Lessig

Reading Time: 1 minute I was curious to read Lawrence Lessig‘s The Future of Ideas because of Google’s recent intervention in the ongoing wireless spectrum auction being held in America. The The Future of Ideas builds on previous writing he has done around creative commons and guides readers through the complex relationship between connectivity supply, media platforms and intellectual … Read moreOprah Time: The Future of Ideas by Lawrence Lessig

Links of the day

Reading Time: 1 minute Stegen Electronics – Scandinavian hardware hackers are selling the first multi-region Blu-Ray players from Sony and Pioneer. Delver – Home – Interesting new social search project Ian Wood’s reports from the Mobile ~World Congress in Barcelona: Digital Evangelist: Ist day at MWC, Digital Evangelist: Day Two @ MWC and Digital Evangelist: Final Thoughts on Barcelona … Read moreLinks of the day

Oprah Time: Crypto by Steven Levy

Reading Time: 2 minutes I had read Steven Levy’s previous works Hackers, Insanely Great and Artificial Life earlier on in my PR career. Along with Fire In The Valley and Accidental Empires, Levy’s books had provided a great insight into the technology industry and the cultural forces behind it. Crypto is more of the same as the counter-cultural belief … Read moreOprah Time: Crypto by Steven Levy

On the sofa: My Blueberry Nights

Reading Time: 1 minute I managed to see Wong Kar Wai’s My Blueberry Nights at the beginning of the year in Hong Kong. The film is an entertaining non-linear tale of love lost and a journey of self-identity in the US. The film visits familar ground for the director, (all be it in a very different geographic location) and … Read moreOn the sofa: My Blueberry Nights

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Reading Time: 2 minutes Unashamedly inspired by Wired magazine’s ‘Wired, Tired, Expired’ section, I thought that I would do my own every so often. I’ve kicked this off looking at gangster films wireless internet devices and brand behaviour: Good Bad Ugly Cocaine Cowboys – a documentary on how the US became awash in cocaine told by the people who … Read moreThe Good, The Bad and The Ugly