Links of the day

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Green Lantern – green and quality concerns kick in on Japanese restaurant offerings UNIQLOCK – really cool site from Uniqlo with Japanese models and mini dance sequences NASA Workmanship Technical Committee – handy hardware hacking reference guide The dark reality – interesting realistic economic analysis on India that could apply to China just as well iProfile Curriculum Vitae … Read moreLinks of the day

On the sofa: The Ferpect Crime

Reading Time: < 1 minute Imagine a modern-day Ealing Studios type comedy, throw in the politics and intrigue of Dilbert. Set the story inside a department store in modern-day Spain. Pepper the plot line with a suave hirsute anti-hero and a bevvy of passionate women. That’s the premise for The Ferpect Crime; a Spanish dark comedy that features Guillermo Toledo … Read moreOn the sofa: The Ferpect Crime