Links of the day

Reading Time: < 1 minute | Paperchase Products Limited – overview

London voted the second best city brand after Sydney – Brand Republic News – Brand Republic – Despite reservations about its accommodation, physical attractiveness and the friendliness of its people LDN still managed to get number 2? WTF! And Brussels came in before TYO at no. 20 with no other Asian cities higher

Yahoo! Europe appoints Altberg to head business group – Brand Republic News – Brand Republic – At Ingenio, Altberg ‘led the creation and development of products including and, which allow people to sell knowledge and expertise’ – interesting that there wasn’t an internal candidat: was the Yahoo! Answers team not successful enough?

The New Economics of Brands – Harvard Business Online’s Umair Haque – Umair has an interesting article on how Google built their brand

Openmaru studio homepage – interesting Korean web services company products include backpack type solution and open ID service

PARC Forum Archive – PARC (aka Xerox PARC) do regular free lectures and for those of us not blessed to live in the Valley can watch or listen to them via the content here. Priceless stuff seriously

For Success, Facebook Marketing Requires Risk Tolerance – I heard similar themes echoed by the guys from TechEnglightenment at Steve Moore’s Seriously Social