Links of the day

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Yahoo! wins sponsored links ruling in High Court | OUT-LAW.COM – this has major implications for PRs running competitor campaigns

Terraminds twitter search – handy research tool

Lawsuit Could Force RIAA to Reveal Secrets | Listening Post from – Music industry is going down like the Gambino family

Google Watch – Google vs. Microsoft – Google Product Manager Shreds SharePoint

UNdata – the best information resource on the web since the CIA World Book

I, Cringely . The Pulpit . Antisocial | PBS – Social Networking is Just Another CB Radio, reminds me of my former colleague Paul Abrahams comments in PR Week about blogging being the new CB radio, only Cringely is right and Paul wasn’t.

CityIN 百变城市 | 联系你的朋友,玩遍你的城市! – Chinese homegrown answer to Facebook

NeoOffice Home – OpenOffice implementation that’s Mac native

Google Growth In Europe Outpacing The US

Recent incidents add to China’s edginess about terror – International Herald Tribune

KCTV – interesting online and art magazine

Text Generation Gap: U R 2 Old (JK) – New York Times – interesting article on how young people are using technology adoption a way of building space between themselves and older people.

Slashdot | MythTV 0.21 Released