The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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Ashes to Ashes

In this edition of The Good, The Bad and the Ugly we have performance Audi’s, technology conferences and London airports:




Audi Ur-Quattro – growing up as a teenager this was the car that I wanted to have. The early version without the Buck Rogers style digital display.

The red Quattro which plays a starring role in Ashes To Ashes reminded me of just how good this car is.

Vorsprung durch Technik.

Audi R8 – it’s a fearsome good-looking beast but also has a fearsome price tag to match.  It has an awesome musical score on its adverts (very DJ Rolando meets a chamber orchestra). However in the late noughties outside of Russian and Arabian rich circles is it really socially acceptable to drive one?

And If I had that much money wouldn’t I prefer a Porsche instead if I didn’t want a gold-plated Prius?

Audi TT – My ex-colleague Lis managed to insult a client by calling a TT a hairdressers car. It may handle like a four-wheel drive skateboard, but it isn’t coming off a German production line and has curves on it that are more
children’s toy than performance motor.

Yep, Lis was right – a hairdresser’s car (admittedly a well-heeled hairdresser.)

LIFT – imagine a more egalitarian, more focused version of TED. LIFT is held in Switzerland every year and costs about a tenth of what a trip to TED would cost your average European.

SXSW– the internet conference founded on the back of the Austin music festival.

Whilst it has premiered great applications like Tom Coates’ Fire Eagle.

However it also has managed to capture the shallow feel of other industry events such as the Winter Music Festival in Miami.

TED – has moved from being an event that provides brainfood to geeks to a cut-price Davos. The TED-appointed great-and-the-good get entertained at a 3-day event.

LCY – ok it’s a small airport that takes you to European business
destinations but you get to fly in a remarkably civilised manner.


LTN – yes it is Luton but the Silverjet terminal makes it worthwhile. The problem is that Silverjet online goes to New York and Dubai.

Otherwise it has no redeeming features and is full of the same shell-suited underclass that go to LGW.

LHR – Heathrow Hell – it isn’t commonly used just because its an
alliteration, but because this airport is so shocking. It is a grimy, squalid, badly signed airport where your bags get pillaged and you have to wait a ridiculously long time to get through immigration.

On the bright side, its still better than going through immigration and DHS at most American airports