Memewatch: The fake polaroid picture

Polaroid announced in February that they would not be making any more instant film. Photographic film has moved from being a mainstream to niche product with the rise of digital photography. However marketers and designers don’t seem to have got the message.

I had a meeting marketing distribution company Don’t Panic Media the other day and they gave me some of their latest packs which are given out at cool clothes and records shops (if you have to ask me which ones, you are obviously not cool enough).

Anyway going through the packs I noticed two marketing campaigns by adidas for its originals range and Red Bull the energy drink company that both aped the Polaroid instant film print. Both went as far to use a UV varnish over the picture to give it a shiny and distinctive layer in comparison to the matt surround.

Mock polaroids are the new marketing buzz

Then at the weekend I noticed this window display at the Fred Perry flagship story in Covent Garden Piazza which takes the Polaroid homage to a whole new level.

Fake Polaroid meme continues in advertising and marketing

2 replies on “Memewatch: The fake polaroid picture”

  1. My dad was one of the engineers who developed the SX-70 film process @ Polaroid. It was like looking at magic trick when I first saw the camera and the pictures that came out of it.

    Sadly Polaroid is now a licensing organization but it’s great to remember how they help to change the world.

  2. I know what you mean I remember finding my first camera a Polaroid Land Camera with some film still in it at a school fair and thinking that the pictures were like magic. My Dad gave me a Kodak Instamatic to lug around instead because it was smaller and cheaper to run, but I missed the instant gratification of the pictures.

    I now lug a Pentax DSLR around with me.

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