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BBC NEWS | Magazine | World’s best-known protest symbol turns 50 – BBC article talks about its creation and the way the peace icon gathered brand momentum over time. Inspirational from a graphic design point of view

Online social networks | Everywhere and nowhere |

South Korean investors quit China over rising costs – By Langi Chiang QINGDAO, China (Reuters) – Scores of South Korean-owned factories are closing surreptitiously in eastern China as their owners flee rising costs, this mirrors what has already happened in the Pearl River delta

Irish Examiner | Hotels plan euro-for-dollar deal to attract valuable US tourists – Already in Asia the USD is not welcome compared to the Euro, now Irish tourism industry seeks to attract US tourists by providing them with a currency hedge.

Three Internet Careers That Soon Won’t Exist – Rubel highlights data to support a concept I have long believed in that digital, web 2.0 whatever you want to call it is rapidly becoming hygiene rather than a specialism.

Mobile Key to Reaching Youth in Asia, Study Shows

10 Tips and Tricks for Private BitTorrent Sites | TorrentFreak – P2P ettiquette – sweet FireEagle application by ex-Yahoo, python guru and openID advocate Simon Willison.