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DoCoMo phones to get simpler OS : Business : DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE (The Daily Yomiuri)

Why Old Technologies Are Still Kicking – New York Times – or why big iron still rocks. Interesting article comparing technology adoption with evolution.

Luxury Rental Business – – Interesting article on renting and fractional ownership of luxury goods. Its a pity Milan Station doesn’t get into e-commerce. Thanks to the PSFK crew for the heads up

Innovative Cellphones –

me2DAY – Korean microblogging service similar to twitter

‘Good’ Pirates Help Companies Sell More Products | TorrentFreak – piracy as well as greed is good according to an Oxford economist

Japanese ads downplay URLs, encourage searches – Boing Boing

Ain’t too proud to develop: Microsoft sets sights on iPhone » VentureBeat

Chinese site raises $17.7M for mommy community

Jonathan Schwartz’s Blog: OpenSolaris, Security and the NSA (National Security Agency) – Interesting reading particularly the FMAC principle

The Revolution Will Be Televised – television and the internet

Microsoft’s real open-source nightmare | Coop’s Corner : A Blog from Charlie Cooper – CNET – could US trust deficit hit US technology brands?

South Park Studios – full episodes available for free from the creators website

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geeKyoto2008 – 17 May 2008 – interesting looking conference being run by Ben Hammersley