Oprah Time: Deep Simplicity by John Gribbin

I first came across Deep Simplicity from my interest in chaos theory and fractals that I developed in college. This book is one of a number of popular science books which are selling well, providing the answers to big questions for a society that has never been more divorced from both science and religion.

I revisited Deep Simplicity because the book shows how small simple rules can develop into complex behaviour, the ‘unforseen consequence’ that drives a lot of things that currently interest me like behavioural economics. Gibbin treads the line between sexing up science and explaining the mathematics behind it in a clear unambiguous way.

The value of Gibbin’s book for me is that it helps me understand phenomena like Vicarious Experiences and The Firehose. Many of the unrelated mathematical principles that he discusses to explain physics-related phenomena provide great analogues for my own experience in our changing influence landscape.