The sure bet

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I was sad to see that OASIS Airlines has gone bankrupt. OASIS provided me with a cheap way to get to Hong Kong. They tried to provide a good value offering to fly to Hong Kong. Its financial failure does not deminish the efforts that the staff put in to make the airline a success. The cabin staff put American airlines to shame and demonstrated that low price doesn’t mean cheap. My bags never got lost and came off the plane first because I flew business class. In Hong Kong I could check in at Central station before catching an express train to the airport. Flying to and from the UK the service had a number of challenges:

  • I never managed to successfully book a ticket on the OASIS Hong Kong website, I always had to book it over the phone in the end driving up the cost of processing my ticket purchase. A mild inconvenience for me but a major cost for OASIS
  • OASIS flew into London Gatwick – London Gatwick, is a bit of a lie London is nowhere near Gatwick it is an 80+ GBP cab ride from my home
  • What you get in business class varies. I have sciatica and go business class to get a flat bed chair. I had one on the way out, but flew back in a normal seat. I had no idea of what seat to book and what I was buying
  • I wasn’t aware of OASIS until a friend who lives in Hong Kong mentioned them, they didn’t manage to get cut through in any PR activity they did in the UK