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Robots seen doing work of 3.5 million in Japan – TOKYO (Reuters) – Robots could fill the jobs of 3.5 million people in graying Japan by 2025, a thinktank says, helping to avert worker shortages as the country’s population shrinks. Japan faces a 16 percent slide in the size of its workforce by 2030…

What Do Teens Want? Just Ask. – interesting feedback on IM (out for people old enough to have a mobile phone, video – Veoh is the new YouTube

KDDI Eye Project – nice eye candy flagged courtesy of Iain Tait

BBC Brings iPlayer To Wii; ISP Grumbles As Traffic Grows | paidContent:UK – Tiscali’s whining is a ploy to cling on the PR coat to mask the failure of their own media model in comparison to the Beeb and QoS issues that may spring up

Where to Find Open Data on the Web – ReadWriteWeb

Micro Persuasion: An All Too Convenient Truth: Many Marketers Pollute the Web

Mech-A – cool otaku stuff, bringing TYO to the UK (and they have cool Gundam models if 2025 is too far off for you to have cool Japanese robots)

Volunteer for SFL 7 – SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival 7 :: April 30th – May 4th 2008 – Sci-Fi London need volunteers. Family commitments mean that I can’t volunteer. Drat

Welcome to the Irish Professional Network – Irish professionals in London

nihilogic: Super Mario in 14kB Javascript – this is awesome

Micro Persuasion: Edelman StoryCrafter Video Demo

MediaShift . Digging Deeper::The Social Press Release: Multimedia, Two-Way, Direct to the Public | PBS

Kyolo – Just bubble it ! – comic character bubbles on your pictures

Statistics | Facebook – handy for presentations etc, obviously designed to show the social network in the best light as there is little indication of current engagement levels. Thanks to my colleague Dave Almacy

ICWSM Recap – Amybeth’s conference summary has some nice customer service nuggets

JigsawUK – Wiki focusing on UK start ups.

IKEA transforms Kobe train into showroom – really nice piece of experiential marketing

One pill makes you happy, another makes you smart

Vintage Vantage – Originals – Men – cool t-shirts

Snoop Dogg Is a Gadget Hound – Switched – Q: Do you use/have a Mac or PC? Why? Snoop: Mac, cuz they tha shit. I can do anything on it. Ok that’s the Mac vs PC debate definitively decided

Free Blog Poll Tools – handy reference