Event: Tuttle Club Breakfast and Just The One

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Lloyd Davis invited me along to his increasingly successful Tuttle Club/London Social Media meetings. The event started at a brain-numbing 8:30 in the morning at One Alfred Place, right by Goodge Street station. I rather missed on an illuminating end result from the meeting, this wasn’t due to my lack of caffiene, but mainly because I was too busy catching up with Steve Moore of PolicyUnplugged, Rob Hinchcliffe, Jonathan Hopkins, Rax Lakhani, LJ Rich and Justin Hayward.

That evening after work, I braved the circle line to to across town to Clerkenwell House on the edge of the Hatton Garden jewellery district for Ian Jindal‘s occasional meet-ups ironically titled Just The One. This was the first time in a long while that I caught up with Ian and following his trip out to Hong Kong in January I found that we are both big fans of life in the former crown colony.

I also managed to catch up with Viv and Naveed from e-Consultancy together with John Horsley who has joined their team. I knew John in his pre e-Consultancy life working for Attentio and setting up his own social network Marzar (go and register, all sign-ups gratefully received). I look forward to hearing some of the acid techno he makes under the Longshore Drift moniker.