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Hong Kong smart card service in its 11th year on PSFK – nice article on how HKG’s funky Octopus card kicks ass (I use mine to pay for popcorn at the AMC cinema in Pacific Place as well as getting around HKG), whilst LDN’s Oyster is about as much use as one hand clapping. Once personal issues move out of the way, am very tempted to sack off Europe and move to Asia: either TYO, HKG, SIN

100 Cheer Girl – interesting flash animation for a Japanese recruitment agency

Five Tips for Podcasters

Upgrading processors for speed is doomed to failure – the need of paralellism in software – PS3 coders who have had a lot experience on programming for paralellism could be in demand doing business software

RCRD LBL | Free MP3 Downloads

PingMag – Archive » Style Wars: Art or Crime? – reflections on the classic graffitti documentary Launches Public Beta – ReadWriteWeb – Interesting social network tool aggregator / groupware platform

Web 2.0: Obsolete within three years? – this isn’t as bad as it sounds, most technological progress is littered with failures.

New rules for expats in China – International Herald Tribune

Consumers Using Social Media to ‘Vent’ about, Research Customer Service