Event: MobileYouth Trend Workout

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ZoneTag Photo Friday 11:14 am 5/2/08

Thanks to Graham and Josh for having me at this years MobileYouth Trend Workout. I managed to catch up with a number of friends there including David Murphy of Mobile Marketing magazine and Helen Keegan of Beep Marketing. I ended up on two panels in the end, here’s the notes that I made:

  • Discussion on Youth Marketing led by Mark Linder, Global Client Leader WPP with Rhys McLachlan, Head of Broadcast Development, Mediacom and Helen Keegan, Managing Director, Beep Marketing. This panel focused on the extent that traditional DM techniques were relevant in marketing to young consumers. My main contribution was pointing out the benefit of customer insight and how that can be obtained from both new and traditional campaign elements. Rhys came up with some interesting statistics that reminded us that broadcast media is still relevant to young people and that they consume it at about the same rate as they have done since 1982, watching three hours a day of television. Helen pointed out that many of the people who make marketing decisions don’t get the idea of a conversation, its hard to define an ROI from it upfront; so its hard to get money spent on mobile marketing techniques. The iPhone raised all boats on mobile marketing, and has put it back on the agenda for Procter and Gamble.
  • I chaired a panel discussion on Web 2.0 & Social Networks with Sunil Gunderia, VP Disney, Dominic Sparkes, CEO Tempero,  Tal Dagan, Comverse and Ashley Benigno, mobile future strategist, Hutchison Whampoa. Japan has been leading the way with social networks such as Mixi that have both wired and wireless access. Mixi currently has over 34 million users on a PC, 13 million of which also use their mobile phone to access the social network. Dominic Sparkes talked about how moderators are extending their role beyond enforcement of social norms to also categorise and tag data on social networks. The general consensus amongst the groups was that mobile operators should facilitate the use of social networks rather than try to develop their own social networks

On other panels behavourial advertising is coming, Claude Florin said that the only way we could effectively protect children from inappropriately vended ads on a hand-me down phone or an account in a parents name is using biometric authentication. Damien Saunders, head of music, Vodafone said that games offered carriers the most opportunity for profit, but music was more likely to be consumed on a handset. He was quite skeptical about video as content service on mobile phones.

Graham Brown’s keynote:

  • Graham saw the foundation of mobile youth in Japan over a decade ago when Japanese school girls valued a ‘pocket bell’ (pager) as the must-have device
  • Eight times as much money spent on mobile services as there is spent on music by young people
  • Chocolate sales fell for the first time in  2003 as the money was spent on cell phones instead
  • Cell phones have even hit childhood smoking sales in 2003/4
  • Is Apple likely to displace cell phone manufacturers the way chocolate, music sales and cigarettes got hit