Links of the day

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Bill G Puts Faith In Innovation – Interesting analysis of Microsoft post the Yahoo! deal by Portfolio magazine

Paper is passe for tech-savvy South Koreans – SEOUL (Reuters Life!) – Young, tech-savvy South Koreans are making coupon clipping a thing of the past and turning to their mobile phones instead. Some of the fastest-growing mobile phone services in the country let retailers send discount coupons…

1 percent of mobile users on social networks

Blogger Relations guide by the peeps at SHIFT Communications – Todd Defren and the crew at SHIFT have written this great primer

Author: Microsoft Is Still Here, Dammit! – Mary-Jane Foley on Microsoft

Skype for your mobile – VoIP java application for some 50 low and mid-priced feature phones, it will be interesting to see how the networks (with the exception of 3/Hutchison Telecom) handle this

CIC – The first IWOM research and consulting firm in China

What Tibet and Carrefour Can Teach Us About the Chinese Internet – Interesting article on BBS phenomena in China

Powerset’s Dilemma: Go For It, Or Sell – I hope that they go for it, Powerset is built on some interesting ideas, the big challenge is finding an advertising model to monetise it and prevent them running out of cash and selling their intellectual property for pennies