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Mum and Dad

I had my folks staying with me for the weekend. Here is a collection of their thoughts on the web properties that I showed them:

  • Bloglines – ‘Its like a newspaper, but theres more of it’ said my Dad
  • Flickr – ‘But why would you want to keep all them photos and not print them out to share’ my Mum’s response and I am sure music to the people at Moo‘s ears. Mecca, Lisa if you use that line in any marketing, I’ll take a tricked out 15 inch MacBook Pro as my royalty payment.
  • Google – universally loved. My Mum had an unusual way of referring to Google ‘Ask it about _____’, Google wasn’t a search engine but an oracle, every result given was trusted, quite an uncanny experience
  • Skype – A 15-minute call to relatives in Ireland gave Skype a workout. It was considered cumbersome but handy, however 3’s Skype phone may have made it on to the oldsters wishlist for Santa this Christmas
  • Twitter – I demonstrated Twitter to my Dad. He sagely thought about what I had showed him and then turned around and said ‘So its kind of an online pub’ then

The web’s killer app is: Google according to my Dad whilst my Mum is mesmerised by Uniqlock

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  1. Love the title of the post and we’ll try not to steal your tag line re photos.

    Your Dad looks like someone you wouldn’t want to argue with ;-)

  2. He’s had a hard life working in old-style industries from repairing turf-cutting machinery and construction site equipment in Ireland to building ships.

    Also having spent 45 years in Liverpool has given him a certain perspective on things. It’s my mum who is the real tough one.

  3. fantastic post Ged, Love it! Can picture it all…am going to do the same with my folks when I next see them.

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