Out and about: Vexille

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Vexille at the ICA

Vexille is a Japanese produced computer-generated anime film, though it has hints of rotoscoping about some of the artwork. I was looking forward to it as it was the latest effort by the people who did Appleseed.

It has elements of Bladerunner, Mad Max and Dune in the film plot about an American special forces team sent in to find out what has happened to Japan after a decade of self-imposed isolation.

The film, unusually for manga is a warning against the over-evolution of technology in a way that is much more politically extreme than the politics of similar works like the Ghost In The Shell series. In that respect Vexille is very unusual amongst anime.

Unlike the plotlines of Ghost In The Shell, Vexille doesn’t allow you to suspend disbelief and there are plot inconsistencies in the show.

The artwork also irritated me, a weird mix of 2-D and 3-D animation that didn’t work for me. The film promotion makes a big deal out of its western soundtrack and the involvement of Paul Oakenfold in scoring the film, but the Japanese usually do this very well under their own steam anyway.

In summary the film was a bit of a disappointment and only worth seeing for the completist otaku.