Unboxing: The Flip

My old colleague Jonny Rosemont, now a digital guru Weber Shandwick have sent me The Flip a simple video recorder for the YouTube generation for me to review on behalf of from Flip Video UK as part of their blogger outreach programme –  in his own words ‘We’ve got a handful of units available for bloggers, YouTubers and other social media cognoscenti – and you fit the bill!

The device has already been a bit of a hit in the US with technologists like Bradley Horowitz who is using it to post long photos to his Flickr account.

Below are my pictures of the device unboxing and a link to my first Flip video.

Blogger sample

The box top

Flip box

The side of the box

Flip inner box

The inner box

Behold the Flip

Behold The Flip gazing out at you like a machine cyclops

The Flip

The Flip

The inner box

The inner box sans The Flip

The accessories

The accessory kit, not sure about the silver wrist band

The instruction manual

The instruction leaflet (unused)

Flip sans battery cover

Battery hatch exposed

The pop-out USB socket

USB connector out

The control panel simple, reminds me of an old school MP3 player

Control panel that looks like an old school MP3 player


‘On Air’ as they say in television studios

Keeping it post-modern

A video of me taking a picture of The Flip, playing on the device LCD screen – how meta?

The camera I have is a US unit – with the US company name on them – Pure Digital Technologies.  The final UK units will not reference Pure Digital at all. The Flip in the UK will be sold by Flip Video UK and the packaging and units will be adapted accordingly

When they finally arrive in the UK the units will retail at 99GBP

2 replies on “Unboxing: The Flip”

  1. I think Pure have missed the boat with this… there are already competitors over here. One example is the disgo Video Plus, which is essentially based on the same hardware, but it has a flip-out video screen and crucially, is cheaper:

    In the US this is essentially the old model, there’s a newer one with a rechargeable batter cell.

    Overall I like the idea and think the device is cool, but they have taken too long bringing it to the UK.

  2. Thanks Andy, I think that there are pros and cons to rechargable batteries. I personally prefer a standard size battery rather than a custom rechargable that can get end-of-lifed a lot faster than than the device hardware.

    The Flip tries to be a bit more Mac friendly bundling transcoder software that could be a bit flakey at times.

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