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@ Chinwag: Making big statements with social media | PDA: The Digital Content Blog |

RFID Olympic Games Tickets on PSFK

Social networking site bans the over 36s in sex offender claims | OUT-LAW.COM – Faceparty bars over-36s as paedophiles?

Alternatives, Possibilities, Choices – fast decision-making process

Make older add-ons work with Firefox 3.0 | Computerworld

Christian Dior Turning To Designer Handsets To Boost Revenues – interesting that they’ve gone directly to the emerging markets of PRC and Russia. However if Chanel and Louis Vuitton get into this market expect Dior to be the mobile phone equivalent of roadkill (think Motorola’s mobile device division).

Taiwan digital music makers divided over added value of camera functionality

LEDs must drop to 10% of price in 2005 to go mainstream in general lighting by 2012

A nation mourns in black and white – some amazing looking graphic design announcing China’s period of mourning for the dead in Sichuan province

Wall Street and Web 2.0

compfight / a flickr™ search tool

Outsourcing In-Housing And All That Jazz

The 10 most popular UK mobile sites are… – interesting data on mobile web surfing habits

MediaPost Publications – Will Men Be The Luxury Market’s Secret Weapon? – 05/21/2008

Nokia 6310i – Mobile Phones & Accessories – kicking it old-school. The 6310i was the pinnacle of handset design which is the reason why they are still amazingly popular