A crack in the social media iron curtain opening at Apple?

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In a case of extreme irony, Apple the purveyor of choice for hardware to social media fanbois and fangrrls (this posting was written on a MacBook Pro) has historically not engaged in social media at all. The company has tried to keep itself sealed from communicating with the outside world.


However, a change maybe at hand (or maybe its just an uncharacteristic oversight), but Apple has enabled feedback on its new iTunes page for Apple keynotes. Consumers seem to think that this is a hotline to God, sorry I meant Steve and some of their feedback is not positive.

itunes detail.jpg

Above is a screenshot I took of the first comment to appear, when I found out on iLounge that the channel was available. This podcast channel has the effect of making keynote watching much easier rather than having to try and constantly click on the play button as Apple’s streaming servers became overloaded as the global faithful try to cram in the web equivalent of the church pew.