Being Digital part one notes

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Being Digital: Advertising speakers

Andrew Gerrard – big problem lack of mass audiences, fragmentation of marketplace – ‘marketing pieces’ – unbundled media ‘Technology can serve only as a bridge, never a destination’ – Lord Puttnam

Helen Keegan – huge culture gap between everyone else and the mobile world. Perception is that the mobile screen is the poor cousin of the computer rather than being completely different. Landline is in decline, computer growth isn’t increasing at the same rate as mobile: India adds 7 million mobile subscribers every month. iPhone is a game changer, its promoting that you can get mobile internet on the move, its not talked about as getting the internet, but instead about applications like Facebook.
Mobile marketing (some bad examples)
SMS – text to win. Being about for about 8 years, coke ran an SMS competition promotion on TV and labels but didn’t turn the competition on
Subway – coupon campaign – money off subs, on 160characters – texted in to get coupon which wasnt accepted by the staff in the branch where the brochure was

Think about what happens next. Metrics paralyse implementation of mobile, its appropriate to measure results but not to obsess over

Michael Bayler – in affluent markets consumers use digital defensively, to block and filter and nature of media that goes through to them. Marketers find it hard to break through. Me -> Us (tribe) filtration through tribal walls has become more difficult -> Them (potential us) about 12 rings or layers out is brands. Consumers have an intimate space that they didnt have 12 years ago. We think differently because this paradigm has changed.

Thurlough Martin – tailored content, inference based on behaviour balanced with privacy – its wrong to be spying on people.
Kate Burns – fragmented media – marketing communications: less wastage, less budget needed, it can be more targeted. FMCG is started to come online to experiment with interactive entertainment to achieve audience engagement

Debate about local advertising, delved into the semantics of whether it was sales promotion, Kate Burns – its too small for brands to get involved in (yet its the ultimate niche).

Is a message is relevant and targeted, is it still an ad – Michael Bayler

Relevance, creativity and guts – Kate Burns


Wendy Grossman – Privacy International

Simon Willison – OpenID – far too many user names and passwords. Centralised SSO betrays the principles of the web. Decentralised mechanism for SSO. Simon’s presentation is available here.

OpenID 2.0 – no longer requires your full Open ID if you are already signed in. Lets you prove that you own a given URL

Allows sites to link in between sites to share data, give permission to take information from site to influence another

Common misconceptions
Open ID complements rather than replaces your existing DB
Spammers have OpenIDs too – doesnt solve spamming
Having your eggs in one basket allows you to make extra efforts to protect that basket

Insecure OpenID? – you outsource security level to OpenID providers

Liability – is still a challenge


Address fraud increasing by 50 per cent per year, facilities takeover (bank accounts, credit cards) increasing by 60 per cent per year


Success in social applications – curiosity about how we express our identity online.


Will McInnes – moderator

Speakers Nick Brown  – is content enough? Google states Youtube revenue as immaterial, 95 per cent support Water Shed, BBC iPlayer has no concept. Crossover Sofia’s Diary on Bebo to be shown on five, ITV moving content on the web
Content is clever – 30m fooled on Youtube re Rickrolling
Content is expensive – quality: (scripts lights av) content burn , conistency, packaging, distribution
Content is precious – NESTA / PACTs
Content is king – planning is key

Peter Miles – 73 per cent of people surveyed worldwide had 3 or more portable devices (gaming console laptop, mobile phone, walkman etc)

Content needs to be in sympathy with the brands core values and believable e.g. Red Bull extreme sports

Panel – Ivan Pope,
Ave Wrigley

Joe Drumgoole