Out and about: Flâneur Food Hall and Restaurant

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Flaneur foodhall & restaurant

I got invited along to  Flâneur by my friend Taey. It is a curious mix of organic food store, supplies for foodies and a restaurant.

Flâneur has got a sense of theatre about it, Its warm and welcoming, every surface made with blond wood like some sort of Scandinavian designer trying to make shopping a humane experience. There are floor to ceiling shelves packed with amazingly packaged olive oil from Italy to tea from Cork-based tea blenders Barrys. Some of the shelves have curtain wire retainers to keep packages on the shelves like the old-time stores I remember from my childhood time spent in rural Ireland.

The restaurant has these tall seats that make you feel like a small child when you sit down at the tables, however they are very comfortable. The restaurant provides a selection of modern European cuisine from a pretty limited menu, but what do have is very, very good. Another thing that you notice about the restaurant that add to your enjoyment of the food is the noise, or rather the lack of it. The restaurant is ideal to have a quiet conversation. In fact, it only got noisy when an older woman two tables across who shreked with delight like a demented banshee at the sight of an engagement ring.

Flâneur Food Hall and Restaurant

41 Farringdon Road



+44 845 688 7745