Links of the day

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Ask E.T.: Interface design and the iPhone – information and usability guru Edward Tuft on the iPhone

Lost in E-Mail, Tech Firms Face Self-Made Beast – – recommended reading by Drew Benvie

LE BOUCLARD – cool French streetwear store

New Balance 576 China Mask Collection | Hypebeast – this kicks the living daylights out of adidas and Nike’s efforts to address Chinese culture

too black guys – cool clothing site

Ari Jaaksi of Nokia Wants to Educate the Linux Community

Trustchip makes GSM calls untappable – The INQUIRER – cool crypto tech | Advertising is dead, long live packaging

Accel | Richard Wong – a couple of interesting mobile presentations here

Accel Partners| Theresia Gouw Ranzetta – Theresia Gouw Ranzetta has some great presentations available for download from her profile page.

The Best in the Online World – 50 Best Websites 2008 – TIME

How hard is it really to learn Japanese? | The Japan Times Online

iPhone 3G cost could be as low as $100, but not likely

Microsoft (MSFT) – AOL (TWX) Deal Within a Few Months – interesting analysis piece

Imagethief : Is it “war” against Chinese blogs?

Marketing and Selling to Chinese Businesses – Part 1 | China Business Success Stories

China Journal : Chinese Bloggers Really Are Edgy – interesting that Chinese bloggers don’t necessarily reflect the rabid knee jerk nationalism that we have come to associate with web users in PRC

What Comes After Post Modernism?

BBC – Tickets for BBC shows

Average teenager’s iPod has 800 illegal music tracks – Times Online

Great food ideas and family recipes for all cooking occasions | My Dish… – niche social network for those who are bit handy in the kitchen department

Christian Social Network | ZoeCity | A Safe Place to Live. – interesting niche social network

:: Edelman :: EDELMAN STUDIOS TAPS FILMMAKERS AND STORYTELLERS TO DISCOVER “NEXT BIG IDEA” FOR EDELMAN CLIENTS – I met with the guys at Rouge in Paris who take a similar approach to their integrated campaigns