Random acts of call centres

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I am currently a T-Mobile subscriber. I have two phones with them. My voice phone is currently coming near the end of its contract period with T-Mobile. For the past week I have fielded a number of calls from independent T-Mobile dealer Fonehouse which those people on my Twitter feed would have known. The thing of it is that I have never bought a phone from Fonehouse or given my details to them.

So first stop T-Mobile customer services, they denied giving my details to anybody and suggested that I contact Fonehouse. In the meantime this letter arrived from Fonehouse that certainly looks like a T-Mobile-orchestrated upgrade programme. (The exclusive handsets on offer aren’t worth considering).


Now the letter like the call centre staff had my full address details and knew when my contract was up so how did they do it?

UPDATE: I called Fonehouse to get the skinny but couldn’t get through their voice-activated phone system navigation.