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Tomato Firmware |

Swingtown – Groups at  – nice integration with for CBS show. On CBS’s broadcast of the show they cross-promote the group. And it also has some really tight tunes to get your groove on to.

Solution, or Mess? A Milk Jug for a Green Earth – – A squarer PET milk bottle with ridged sides allows thems to be stacked without a crate and packed 50 per cent more densely. They can be shipped on a pallet bound with cardboard and shrink wrap stacked several units high. Fewer delivery runs are required

bored? stoned? insomniac? – nice site designed by Iain Tait‘s counterparts at PokeNY. It resonated particularly with me as it reminded me of the first TV I owned which had a similar kind of surround. The randomness reminds me of the vignettes that used to appear in the early hours of the morning under the Nighttime label on Granada TV.