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Digital Evangelist: Fierce 15 for 2008 – mobile banking is the way forward

Social Media: A Buyer’s Best Bet – ClickZ

Panasonic swivelling HDMI cables – Really nice, clever design Urawaza: Secret Everyday Tips and Tricks from Japan: Lisa Katayama, Joel Holland: Books – crazy lifehacks from Japan

Makr | Fine Leather & Fabric – interesting simple design combined with sophisticated laser etching

In changing face of Beijing, a look at the new China – International Herald Tribune

Pulling the Plug: Summer of ’08 Sparks Creative Conservation – – Americans get cool on the cheap

The Post’s Internet-era Approach to the Investigative Series – eight-word summary: serve it all up in bite-sized installments

Teen Lab at Alcatel-Lucent: Teens Say Music on Mobiles is Still a Challenge: Mobile Accessories Results Part One

Slate Magazine – Long Tails and Big Heads – Chris Anderson’s Long Tail theory picks up some critics

The rhetoric of mythological branding

China: Web use accelerates, e-business still lagging » VentureBeat