Design classic: Rickshaw Bagworks forthcoming technical messenger bags

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Oakland Scrape_2, originally uploaded by Rickshaw Bagworks.

Rickshaw Bagworks is the the brainchild of Mark Dwight and Rob Honeycutt who founded Timbuk 2. I first picked up my taste for Timbuk 2 bags during the web 1.0 bubble in the late 1990s when you would have spokespeople coming over from the west coast with their funky ass San Francisco-made messenger bags that seemed much more stylish than the Eastpak holdall I used back then.

A decade long love affair ensued. During my business trips to San Francisco I always tried to make a pilgrimage to the  Timbuk 2 bricks and mortar shop as I head from my hotel near Union Square past the Huf shop and on to the Stussy store on Haight.

You can see a sample of my collection on my flickr account including a Yahoo! branded laptop bag from time that I spent at the mothership in Sunnyvale. I still hanker after the one or the original Wired Magazine branded bags that are now rare as hens teeth.

My loyalty to Timbuk 2 has been thrown in jeopardy now that I have seen the forthcoming range of technical messenger bags that Rickshaw are coming out with in the near future. Not soon enough in my book! The combination of clever design, a comfortable looking harness and strips velcro and nylon that look like the loadbearing straps on modern US military body armour that you see in Iraq war footage elevated this bag design above more mortal messenger bags.

It almost makes up for the big girl’s purse of a bag range that Ricksaw Bagworks have been selling up to now.