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Apple cuts iPhone 3G cost by over $50, says iSuppli

Hitwise: Twitter Taking Off In The UK | WebProNews – the English are taking over twitter

Success of ‘Kung Fu Panda’ touches a cultural nerve in China – interesting that the debate did not touch on the fact that outsiders have a distance from the subject matter of Chinese culture. This distance helps the creative process

Digital set to overtake newspapers in China – PRWeek UK

LIFT Asia 08 – Program | LIFT conference – this looks like an amazing line-up I would love to go, but budgets wouldn’t stretch to the air fare.

Hanson Search Blog: Olivia’s favourite finds….. – microwaveable pots of baked beans and spaghetti for them end of month cash-strapped moments. Also it saves your tupperware from the permanent red stains that nuked baked beans tend to leave behind. I know too much detail and personal knowledge shared.

Quick review of social media coverage of Future of Media Summit – from Burson Marsteller’s summit in Oz. Some good content linked in there, need to review it myself in more depth

Do Startup Companies Need Community Managers? – ReadWriteWeb