adfunture workshop YOKA – SC Charity Edition – unboxing

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adfunture workshop YOKA – SC Charity Edition – unboxing, originally uploaded by renaissancechambara.

adfunture workshop in Hong Kong came up with a limited edition vinyl panda to raise funds for the victims of the Western China earthquake. The depressed panda is both beautiful and at the same time says everything that needs to be said. adfunture workshop had the following collaborators: DITA Eyewear, Staple Design, Suitman, Revelator, Black Cross, GUE and Puma. A canny move for the brands involved, but not exploitative or mawkish; especially when you think how often marketers fail to get the tone right in situations like this.

I have taken some photographs of the YOKA unboxing and put them on flickr.