Apple fumbles social media issues management

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I suck big time

MobileMe has managed to ruin the performance of Apple’s .mac service and has had a patchy rate of success that makes Twitter look like a cast-iron solid enterprise platform. Even Walt Mossberg realises that MobileMe is a metaphorical dog. Now contracts and calendar synchronisation is a non-trivial computing problem especially across multiple computers and phones, but Apple promised ‘Exchange for the rest of us‘.

Apple’s tight-lipped approach has been put one-side to try a more open social media approach. The posting tries to be transparent  about what Apple is doing to make MobileMe perform better.

There is no sense of a real person behind the post, beyond the ‘Steve made me write this’ introduction like as if the author brought it down on stone tablets from the executive suite. There is little to no emotion; i.e. we’re unhappy that our product sucks and these are the things that we’re doing. There was no obvious way to react to the post.
Is the company going to enter into a dialogue?A better approach would be to demonstrate some real contrition about the unholy mess, especially when you compare it with the crisis management efforts of brands like JetBlue. And to start thinking about building up a dialogue in advance of any future bumps in the road.