Its a Google-world we just live in it

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I’ve never been that concerned search engine traffic to my blog posts and more bothered about owning my own reputation on Google.

This is primarily because I don’t monetise the site through advertising and instead think that having a good search karma is payment enough. However I gave some additional thought to search engine optimisation (SEO) and personal blog traffic after Improbulus provided a primer presentation at the June London Bloggers event and summarised it on her blog. The advice there is all very good and I would recommend that you nip over and check it out.

One thing I do, is use Flickr for my picture hosting on this blog. If I use an image, I post a link to the blog post that used it. That provides at least inbound link to the post and the blog provides contextual text around the image. What this allows people to do is find your content in both image search and normal search options.  This can also be done for embedded video as well if you felt inclined.