Driving Seat: Ping.fm

Reading Time: < 1 minute

As a social media expert, of I use the term expert loosely, given the constant change in the field, perhaps adventurer would be better here? I have profiles on lots of social media properties with foolish names like Twitter, Plurk, Flickr and Poo (ok I made the last one up as I was feeling juvenile). I end up acquiring profiles in the same way that kids collected Pokemon cards or Panini stickers.

So how do you manage all these sites, keeping your network up to date with you?

Ping.fm looked like a likely answer. Ping is a service that blasts a short message across a range of services, a kind of social media sawn-off shotgun. Its really simple to use and really effective, I have even been changing my status field on LinkedIn, something that I usually use well alone.

Ping offers the ability to update one service, one type of service: for instance a mini-blog or a presence alert like Twitter.

The next step should be a collective inbox to view replies, kind of like Friendfeed on steroids, but for what it is Ping is very good. The service is currently in closed beta, but if you would like a code to try it out leave a comment on this post or DM me on Twitter.