Jargon Watch: BANANA

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My first PR role was working during the summer holiday of my second year at university for an oil company as a PR assistant. BHP Petroleum (now BHP Billiton) managed a series of oil and gas fields in Liverpool Bay as the major member of a consortium that included exploration specialists Marathon. The oil from the field was pumped to a floating storage facility that decanted the oil on to tankers, whilst the gas came ashore in North Wales. Therein lay the reputational problem that I worked on.

Certain residents of the nearby caravan park welcomed the benefit of gas-fired heating and electricity but didn’t want to have the gas come ashore anywhere near them giving rise to NIMBY (not in my backyard). BANANA is an extension of the NIMBY concept that I learned about from Richard Edelman’s blog. BANANA stands for Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything. Expect to hear this at residents action committee meetings, parish councils and school governors meetings soon opposing everything from mobile phone masts to wind turbines and other alternative initiatives.

Kudos to the 6AM blog.