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Managing Globalization » Not just for back-office anymore – interesting and slightly scary article

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr’s Blog: Easy does it

How to Keep Up with Technology

The SEC’s Interpretive Guidance on the Use of Company Web Sites: A Reality Check « BusinessWired

Facebook Is Not Only The World’s Largest Social Network, It Is Also The Fastest Growing

Mathway: Step-by-Step Math Problem Solver

Does Good Tech Need PR? – ReadWriteWeb

Stitsh Home – Buy a look rather than having to assemble it yourself. Waiting for the Tokyo site to come out :)

TechCrunch UK » Taking the shine off: Why blog publishing ‘failed’ in the UK (or at least didn’t create a $30m exit)

Micro Persuasion: Does the Thrill of the Chase Make PR Obsolete?

BBC NEWS | Politics | Northern cities ‘beyond revival’