Deliciously wrong III

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I’d previously talked about children’s cigarette packets including Machismo, Black Lung, Death Row and Just Like Dad added to my collection of packaging photographs. However I found three new package designs to add to my collection. All these new designs were made by the same manufacturer in France. All of them come in the kind of cool soft pack that look cool in black and white films like The Wild One and Rebel Without A Cause.

They are all deliciously wrong as an implicit encouragement for childhood smokers everywhere


Krakatoa’s design hints at the dodgy Marlboro knock-offs bought from street-sellers whilst the child’s parents were on backpacking holidays. The design is like a cubist interpretation of the Lucky Strike packaging. The font with its dodgy kerning gives the product its fake credentials.


Contrary to its appearance Everest are chocolate flavoured rather than the searing coolness of menthol and tobacco.

Coronation childrens cigarettes

Though they were the same price, Coronation echoes the lower end design of Sovereign cigarettes, allowing the child to emulate NEET (not in employment, education or training) siblings and deadbeat parents.