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Far Eastern Economic Review | Home – Centre for Asian Entrepreneurship and Business Values

Business Owner’s Toolkit

Small Business Administration

Shopping Mall Japan – Yahoo Japan Auction Bidding Service and Japanese Web Order Deputy!

YakyuShop – For Japanese baseball jerseys, caps, cards and more!

Rakuten International Shipping Services – OMG Rakuten starts to cater for stupid gaijin like me

ThinkGeek :: iPhone Japanese Touch Pen Stylus – how cool is this, being able to use the iPhone and not having to have fingers the size of a small child. Allows for easy SIM ejection AND its imported from the land of eternal consumer goodness Japan.

About Goofy2 – Goofy2 Get inspired! – Twitter / twitpic competitor

Lessons from Twitter’s SMS shut down | The Social Web |

What’s Behind the iPhone 3G Glitches – Apple iPhone problems

China’s Internet cafes still crucial to online video game growth » VentureBeat

Manufacturing could hit a new upswing in the United States » VentureBeat

July video game numbers show Nintendo way out ahead, Sony edging out Microsoft » VentureBeat Labs launches FoneFood : Mobile Industry Review