Dark art of product placement

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I went to see The Dark Knight at the BFI IMAX back on August 16. The film is so-so, despite all the hype and is likely to become mythical over time due to the untimely demise of Heath Ledger. In terms of the gadgetry, Nokia took pride of place with an iPhone form factor phone that is being called the Nokia Tube amongst the rumour sites.

The first thing which had me puzzled is that Nokia did not have the phone ready to go to market. Timing is critical if they are to take advantage of what Nokia must have felt was golden opportunity (why else do it?).

Without revealing plot spoilers, a central part of the plot revolves around mobile phones being used as surveillance devices by Batman. This is the technology that the new Nokia handset is central to. I was a bit confused, can this have been a smart move for Nokia? Mobile technology has enough sensitivities around it and the mere association of Nokia with a surveillance society in the post 9/11 western world is already too close for comfort.