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YouTube – No Time to Think by Dr David Levy – The use of the new technologies has contributed to an accelerated mode of working and living that leaves us less to think, not more.

PC gaming hits $10.7 billion in revenues worldwide – Digital distribution sales, where gamers download a game over the Internet to their computers, approached $2 billion, while ad revenues from websites, portals, and in-game ads accounted for $800 million.

Coke Will Not Find This Funny – AgencySpy – Spanish-speaking sports stars racially insensitive pictures continue, this time with the potential to embarrass olympic sponsor Coca-Cola.

Thousands of file-sharers face legal action in UK – By Peter Griffiths LONDON (Reuters) – Thousands of people suspected of sharing music, films and games over the Internet will be pursued through the courts for damages, lawyers for entertainment companies said on Wednesday.

How to Work the Room – I really like the tips on this piece

GIRL TALK – FEED THE ANIMALS – ILLEGAL ART – recommended by my colleage Nathan

35+ Examples of Corporate Social Media in Action – I got this from Mecca.

What Are People Actually Doing On The Web? –

Bloglines Mobile v3 beta

TBS To Mac Users: No Seinfeld For You!

socialized » Seven rules for establishing a corporate presence on Twitter – quite a nice summary

10 Promising Web Platforms – ReadWriteWeb – I particularly like the sound of Iceberg

Copyfight: Creative Commons attack posse targets England’s Prime Minister

State Of The Valley: Bracing for the big one – economic outlook

Intel Demos Wireless Power, Robotics, ‘Programmable Matter’ — Intel — InformationWeek

Diverse Vinyl – Your one stop vinyl web shop