Designing for popularity

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Pimp my N95

It seems amongst the circles that I move that the Nokia N95 is as ubiquitous as the iPod. However when you have a bunch of blokes around the table in the pub who take their phones out of their front pocket to sit down things can get a bit confusing.

Nokia’s accessory line doesn’t cope that well – there is a belt mounted phone holder, which whilst it is practical would be a no-no in Western European culture (we leave that kind of thing as a way to designate power-crazed sysadmins).

There are no third party skins or Express-On covers that ironically Nokia pioneered in the late 1990s with the Nokia 5110. For some reason Nokia did not design the N95 for popularity, had the company unlearned the lessons of its success in the late 90s or did it not envisage the N95 as a successful handset?

I guess it was a case of taking ‘plan for the worst, hope for the best’ a bit too literally.

I got around the problem thanks to a fist full of Moo stickers and some free stickers that the peeps at Slam City Skates had sent me.