Open Sources 2.0 edited by Chris DiBona, Danese Cooper & Mark Stone

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Open Sources 2.0

I reviewed a compilation of essays from leaders in open source development. Open Sources: voices from the revolution focused on development methodologies and infrastructure. Open Sources 2.0 was compiled in 2000, focused on how business models and processes can be built from open source software. There is a very nice section on how businesses can combine open source and proprietary software to provide a complete solution.

What these essays lose in revolutionary zeal they gain in reasoned persuasion. The dialogue is different, the people writing the essays are writing for a much wider audience than the developer audience of the first book. For business decision makers Open Sources 2.0 is invaluable because it provides a great primer in how open source business works without the hype about an army of homebound coders working away for the good of software-kind.