Links of the day

Mac Mojo: Solve for Excel now available :)

Slate Magazine – The Death of the Credit Card Economy

Coca-Cola to Fill Your Big Gulp with 100 Flavors | PSFK – Trends, Ideas & Inspiration – it will be interesting if Coca-Cola record formulation popularity and how that feeds back into their product development process

Antares Audio Technologies – audio processing software

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk Used for Fraudulent Activities – ReadWriteWeb

Urban Tours – interesting way for Blackberry to try and differentiate itself from the ubiquitous mapping applications now on smartphones. It also breaks out of the Brooks Brothers-clad Crackberry image

Why your airfare is different from your neighbours – interesting profile of SABRE: the airline booking and technology software company

China’s Internet Offers A Plethora Of Marketing Opportunities

Ad Spending by Medium – May, 2008 – Seeking Alpha

Product Development IS Marketing, And Vice Versa | American Express OPEN Blog

Google’s Strategy In Japan: Avoid Yahoo And Take Over The Mobile Web First – Google desperately tries to avoid Yahoo! Japan laying a can of whoopass on them

QuarkBase : Everything about a Website Does what it says on the tin, got this from Jonathan Hopkins’ Twitter feed – Vodafone slams curb on rates – I agree with Vodafone that consumers would not like to pay to receive calls as well as paying to make them; however roaming charges are expensive and the stuff of modern-day horror stories.