On the sofa: Origin Spirits Of The Past

Reading Time: < 1 minute

I watched Origin as part of Amazon’s Vine programme. Origin is a story of a future when technology causes Gaia to go mad. Humans can no longer venture into the forests and live in an uneasy peace with the trees. The humans homes look like an ewok village amongst dilapidated skyscrapers. Two young kids find a young girl kept in stasis from a more technological age.

The story is about the tensions the characters have to make in setting the world back to a more balanced state that would be advantageous to the human race or continue trying to live in balance with nature

Whilst the film was presented in the usual high production values and style of STUDIO GHIBLI, however it is out of their fantastical comfort zone and it shows. The suspension of disbelief is broken when a volcano moves on massive tracks that looks like the old tracked platforms NASA used to move the Apollo rockets around.